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One year settled in

We are celebrating at Focke Meler. Just over a year ago we opened our new corporate headquarters in Navarre, never imaging what the year had in store for us.

A turning point in the history of Focke Meler
The architectural project began in January 2019 with the aim of increasing Focke Meler’s production capacity while staying true to the company’s values and philosophy. A new corporate headquarters that could match our products in energy efficiency. And we achieved this in record time. In February 2020 the operations department started to produce as normal in its new location.

See the architectural project site here

We launched our new #GLUINGTHEFUTURE claim and shared it with everyone who is part of the Meler family: its founders, customers, suppliers, families… proud to know we all witnessed a milestone in the history of Focke Meler. In the words of Javier Aranguren: “Meler is above all about opportunity, […]. When you are helping many companies to achieve their goals, when you are fundamentally helping them to grow and are growing yourself, this is truly motivating.”

The pandemic, a global turning point
And then March arrived. Our company turning point was overshadowed by a global one, the pandemic. The recently inaugurated headquarters had to close, only to reopen again a week later thanks to continued activity of the essential sectors. During the state of emergency, Focke Meler continued producing and providing its customers with services in exceptional circumstances. In May the industry went back into gear and resumed its pre-Covid19 pace.

As time goes by and it is clear that the change of headquarters helped to bring about our company’s return to the new normal. The large spaces and design of the ventilation systems facilitated the application of safety measures that even enabled Focke Meler to play host to the steering committee meeting of the Association for Management Progress (APD) in total safety in June 2020.

Foto de familia del Consejo rector de la APD

A year that will go down in the history of Meler
This first period of 2021 is already showing the results of the changes we started in 2019. With more than 4000 m2 of industrial floorspace, we have tripled our production capacity. We launched two new melters during the pandemic: the PS20 NS+ for high demand and the “ SF: ‘all-rounder’ melter”; several laminating rollers were manufactured for the automotive sector and there was an exponential increase in the number of orders.

A year hardly favourable in its environment or circumstances, despite which we still managed full-performance work and production thanks to the efforts of united team. It has been a record year, one that has taught us a great deal, both personally and professionally, and which , as with the opening of our new corporate headquarters will go down in the history of Meler.

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