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SF is  the new “all-rounder” melter from Focke  Meler 

Focke Meler specialises in offering complete solutions for adhesive application in industry, adapting its technology to the specific needs of each application. Industry does not always require complex work systems, however the common goal for any sector is still to achieve maximum productivity.


The SF melters series

That is why Focke Meler has developed its line of SF melters: simple and functional, yet able to cover all types of applications (from low-consumption manual systems to others with higher adhesive consumption). The SF line, available with tanks of either 4, 10 or 20 L, features a set of systems implemented by Meler to achieve an unbeatable user experience and offer SUPER FAST USE.

Design features

Plug and play-SF-hot melt
Easy clean-Adhesive-SF

A small number of parts and lines enable simple assembly. You can access the inside of the unit in just a few steps, maintaining a robust and hermetic design at all times.

The simplified design facilitates assembly tasks and the materials are completely anti-stick to ensure the efficiency of cleaning tasks.

Connect and work. A fast unit suitable for daily use without waits or complicated start-up systems.


The SUPER FAST USE functionality of the line of SF melters makes it possible to work in a truly intuitive way, cutting down on learning time and achieving a perfect balance between performance and quality.

In addition to the different tank sizes, the SF 10 and 20versions can work at a variable speed thanks to anadditional pumping control system that is very easy to install. Another option that is very popular with users is the possibility to add a level sensor to better control adhesive consumption. The key to the line is its flexibility and its adaptability to the requirements of a global market.

Any of the melters in the new SF line will become a reliable daily work tool that can optimise operator work flow. Simplicity as an engine of productivity.

The new “all-rounder” melter from Focke Meler

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