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We are back, working for everyone

We are receiving good news for all European countries, confirming that the process for lifting the lockdown is starting. Focke Meler celebrates every one of the milestones reached that bring us a little closer to normality and wishes to inform all stakeholders – customers, partners and suppliers – that we are ready to resume our normal production.

During the minimal services

We are proud our support has helped to ensure the essential sectors could maintain their production.

Our customer service has been 100% operational and we have been able to deliver new equipment on an international scale. There has been an inevitable reduction in our technical team’s movements due to the implementation of each country’s safety protocols, but our remote assistance has been strengthened for all incidents.

These times of crisis have brought home to us how important it is to have truly professional distributors and partners. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your work and the great support you have offered Focke Meler.

Back to normal production

The industry is getting back into gear and Focke Meler is offering its full range of services once again to all sectors. From now on, we will be back working for everyone following the government guidelines in each and every country we operate in.

Resuming production is no mean feat after weeks of mandatory hold. Many plants that work with hotmelt will require extra maintenance and cleaning, which is why Focke Meler will be at your disposal to assist you in resolving any incident. As a reminder, here is a list of our technical support telephone numbers:

ITALY > (00 39) 051 768459

FRANCE > (00 33) 160 050 303

GERMANY > (0049) (0) 42318915790

SPAIN > (00 34) 948 351 127

UNITED KINGDOM > (00 44) 0 3338 804 567

USA > (001) 980 556 7990

Focke Meler is still here Ready to continue building the future with you. #FockeMelerGluingthefuture

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