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PS20NS+, the 4.0 renovation of a star melter

Focke Meler’s continuous improvement process has resulted in perfecting this powerful melter whose technical reliability has positioned it as one of the most popular machines in the industry. Its main advantages are high productivity and efficiency. Thanks to its Melt-on-demand feature, energy consumption is minimal and adhesive care is optimum.

A melter for Industry 4.0

The new PS20 NS+ maintains all the benefits of its predecessor, while incorporating the Meler electronic platform as a new main feature. The integration of the melter into automated production lines is total achieving greater traceability and avoiding incidents. The end result is a significant improvement in quality.

User-driven product innovation and engineering

Another one of the great innovations of this machine is its Easy-clean design that offers full accessibility to the interior. The new design is modular and some components, such as the distributor or the grill, are easily removable to facilitate cleaning tasks. The outer casing has been modified, sparing the user the need to remove the melter from the line (clean-in-place). This modularity simplifies cleaning and maintenance tasks, optimising stop times and reducing costs.

On the other hand, this design is also based on user experience, incorporating new protective parts to ensure maximum operator safety. The equipment start-up is so simple that users can quickly work autonomously.

The PS20NS+ has arrived on the market to become one of the most competitive machines in the extremely demanding production environments of Industry 4.0.

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