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Opening of the new Focke Meler facilities

At the very start of the new decade, we met the biggest target we set ourselves at the end of 2018: to open the new corporate headquarters. Last year, we kept you informed about the development of the works, as well as the principles used in designing our new headquarters. A headquarters that is now a reality and which we opened on 31 January.

It was a year with a lot of hard work and hope, and we are now finally able to discover the new Focke Meler corporate headquarters. The open day started with the official tour, in which authorities, institutions and the media all participated. Councillor Manu Ayerdi noted the importance of companies such as Focke Meler promoting “the Navarre industry of talent, innovation, sustainability and economic development for the region of Navarre”.

During the afternoon, the children of the employees enjoyed imagining their parents at their work stations, discovering first-hand what they do and how they do it. They were also able to visit the gym to see the fitness equipment at the new facilities.

The opening day concluded with cocktails and photographs of the large family at the new facilities. It is undoubtedly a good omen for what the new headquarters will deliver and a magnificent start to the new year.

Many thanks to everyone!

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