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Save twice as much with a compact foam system

Meler launches Micron+ FOAM, a compact melter for foaming hot-melt adhesives that offers double savings: 60% energy savings and up to 50% reduction in adhesive consumption.

The advantages of Foam technology in the application of industrial adhesives can be summarised in the following statement:

The success of achieving more, while needing less.

At Meler, we are committed to innovation as a tool to improve our business. Our responsibility as manufacturers of industrial solutions commits us to design and produce durable equipment with sustainability criteria while also guaranteeing the optimisation of resources. This is the reason behind the development of new equipment for foam adhesives.

Its production advantages have revolutionised sectors such as the automotive and household appliance industries by reducing adhesive consumption and increasing flexibility in production. However, some businesses saw this technology as unattainable due to the large size requirements of foam equipment.

Micron+ Foam, with its compact dimensions, breaks this dynamic and makes the use of foam adhesives accessible to any business.

Micron + FOAM: The first compact foam melter to offer double savings

This new hot melt melter for foam adhesives combines two leading technologies: the efficiency of Micron+ and the productivity of Foam.

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Micron+ Technology

60% less energy consumption compared with other melters on the market

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FOAM Technology

Adhesive consumption reduced by up to 50% thanks to the increased volume of the foam adhesive bead (mixed with gas)

Engineering for productivity

Another of the advantages of Micron+ Foam is its size and ease of integration into automated work lines thanks to Meler’s electronic platform that provides pumping control from the touchscreen and its configuration flexibility with up to 5 hose-applicator outputs.

With the launch of Micron + Foam, Meler reinforces its commitment to refining the application of industrial adhesives and improving the profitability of its customers’ businesses.

If you want to know more about Meler’s new melter, click HERE

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