Specialists in the application of hot melt for car interior fabrics

Over 40 years designing and developing complete systems for the assembly of components and textile coverings in the automotive sector

Advantages of the range of Meler rollers

Ventajas de la gama de rodillos Focke Meler


Products customised from standard products achieving a high level of competitiveness. 


Uniform and repetitive lamination thanks to the precision design.


Easy-clean design for working with thermoplastic adhesives saving on maintenance costs.


Optimised design that guarantees operator safety.

Technical demands of the sector

Shorter production cycles, greater energy efficiency and cost reduction. Focke Meler manufactures laminating rollers to cover all the principal needs of adhesive application for the automotive industry, such as: 

Multiple working materials

  • Types of substrates: PVC , foam, TPO, textile… with several processing variables (stiffness, flexibility, thickness)
  • Types of industrial adhesives: hotmelt, PU / PUR / PO / PONR /EVA / self-adhesive…with very different compositions and mechanical properties.

High production demand

  • Capacity to blend with industrial adhesives: maximum and constant for just-in-time
  • Precision and quality: need for specific Industry 4.0 quality control.

Cost saving

  • Simplified maintenance tasks
  • More energy-efficient equipment that reduces line stoppages

Industry 4.0

Allows total control of all operating parameters intuitively and efficiently.

Integration in automated lines by remote control.

Operating modes to optimise productivity:

  • Cleaning and maintenance mode: automatic emptying, displacement of table, alarm modes.
  • Production or automatic mode: for configuring work speed, etc.


The application roller is made of chrome-plated lap steel, suitable for applying to all types of fabrics. The steel structure of the equipment avoids vibrations. What’s more, the principal parts of the machine have a non-stick treatment to facilitate cleaning.

Laminating roller

Lamination of 100% of the width of the part

Independent temperature controls for each element (tank, application roller and blades).

Available widths: 410, 610, 810 and 1210 mm. (Other sizes on request)  

Precise regulation according to substrate 

The opening of the scrapers is highly accurate as well as independent. The manual control of the gap permits adjustments with decimal precision to adapt the application to each substrate. 

Working speeds can also be adjusted according to the needs of each adhesive application.


Stand-alone operation as a primary melter or fed by an external pre-melter depending on productivity.

Ergonomic design for intuitive, easy-to-manage use

Perfect treatment of adhesive:

  • Surface coated with PTFE
  • Adhesive level detectors to guarantee homogeneous application and avoid overflows
  • Dry air injection system to improve the treatment of thermoplastic adhesives that prevents cross-linking during production stops.

Additional systems 

Our equipment offers great versatility to adapt to customer requirements with the installation of accessories: 

  • Lights
  • Extractor hood
  • UV light
  • Bar code readers
  • Adhesive detection cameras
  • Vacuum systems

Meler Functional design

Types of rollers

Working speed: from 0 to 10 m/min

Roller with two automatic bands

One conveyor operates for the incoming substrate and another for the outgoing substrate.

Roller with three automatic bands

Loading and unloading on the same side through the incorporation of photo cells and a tilting conveyor that carries the substrate to the operator’s side, facilitating production.

Lamination speed: from 0 to 12 m/min

Vacuum work speed: up to 30 m/min

Suitable for use with adhesives with a short aperture time (POR) and thinner substrates.

Projects carried out

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