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Welcome to Meler Academy!

Focke Meler is launching the Meler Academy: a global service project that places the customer at the heart of our business.

Service as a vocation

Gabriel Marín, Sales Manager at Focke Meler for Iberia and Latam, joined Meler when he was 18. Today, decades later, he is able to identify the key to its success quickly. “The future of Meler must continue to rest on two pillars: quality and, above all, close ties with the customer. Service must be seen as a vocation. This is what has made us grow in the past and I hope it remains the case well into the future”, he said (see it in #gluingthefuture). This experience also makes it easy for him to identify the biggest challenge facing the company at present: knowledge transfer.

Meler Academy has arisen as a global support and service project for our customers, made possible by cross-team collaboration. The goal is to create useful content capable of helping to spread Meler know-how and translating it into real solutions for companies.

Cross-team collaboration

This training and communication work began in the Product Engineering Department with the production of bilingual technical guides in video format that are published on a universal access platform. The incorporation of other staff from the Technical Support, Documentation or Marketing and Communication departments has changed the format to create a knock-on effect that brings added benefits for our customers.
As Gabriel said, the goal is to maintain those close ties with the customer while helping them every day in their search for industrial process efficiency.

Let’s take a quick look at a couple of examples!

1. Quick Start Guide to the B4 Non-Stop Melter

Jose Javier Ruiz, a member of the Technical Support and After-Sales Department, presents a special version of the B4: the B4 NON-STOP, specially designed to melt 2kg blocks of PUR adhesive in high-demand applications.
If you are lucky enough to own a B4 NON-STOP machine or are thinking about buying one, then you will no doubt find this video useful.

2. How do you clean a coating roller?

The key to durability in products that work with hot melt lies in their quality. However, maintenance is another huge factor. Focke Meler accompanies its customers throughout the machine’s life span and this video contains pertinent maintenance guidelines that will extend the shelf life of the biggest in our portfolio: coating rollers.

Meler Academy will grow online with the publication of all sorts of materials (manuals, videos, tutorials, webinars, etc.) and we hope that, as the echoes of this pandemic fade, we can resume the face-to-face training in the classroom that bears the name of this project.

Remember that Focke Meler, with over 40 years of experience in the sector, offers professional advice and is always available at

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