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“We wish to create worker-friendly workspaces promoting teamwork”

Digital transformation and today’s new corporate cultures have transformed the way we work, and thereby office design by introducing the open space concept: clear, accessible spaces for dynamic interaction. Offices are no longer private, restricted spaces, but collaborative areas with strategic value for the business. A place for productivity and teamwork.


Meler has adopted this trend, with particular attention to the experience of both our clients and our workers. We are placing our stake on teamwork through our choice of furniture, and the creation of modern, functional, communal areas within a diaphanous space.

Given our aim to provide a healthy workplace with the right temperature and ventilation, and sensory-friendly lighting and acoustics, one of our top priorities was the choice of flooring, ceiling and insulation materials. In the words of Manuel Enríquez, the architect of our headquarters “the features we have incorporated are not only clean and practical but also sustainable in a bid to create pleasant, worker-friendly offices. We have focused heavily on improving workplace acoustics, paying close attention to floors and ceilings”.

The automation of manufacturing processes and new R+D rooms for product innovation and improvement are also worth mentioning.

Headquarters as a communication tool

Our clients, partners, distributors… will all have spacious meeting and training rooms at their disposal enabling them to get to know the full range of Meler products. They will also be welcome to visit our amazing showroom, where we will display all our star applications for those who wish to view them in detail.

The health of our workers is our main concern

Our workers’ health and fitness are our key concerns, so we decided to join a corporate fitness program. This trend, which has recently gained momentum, is aimed at beating the sedentary lifestyle and inactivity resulting from the shortage of time for exercise.

We are all aware of the multiple, varied benefits of sport: it improves health and wellbeing, boosts motivation, reduces stress and improves concentration. Let’s encourage it! There will be a gym and fitness equipment available to all those who wish to use them, and we will of course keep up our sports group outings, including our popular and well-attended bike rides.

Our premises will accommodate over 200 employees, and the investment has been high commended by the Navarre government, having enabled the creation of over 100 new jobs for the region.

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