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V-Label: one applicator, multiple formats

V-Label is the solution by Meler for the application of hotmelt in wrap-around labelling processes. This applicator has a regulation system that allows to easily adapt the adhesive application to different label formats.

V-Label, the versatile labelling applicator

One of the main needs in the production processes of container labelling is versatility. This is why Meler has developed V-Label, the adjustable applicator that allows very different product runs to be produced in a short period of time. Your profitability depends on it.

Meler, as a specialist in the application of adhesives in the packaging sector, has developed V-Label, the versatile labelling applicator that allows format changes to be carried out in just a few minutes without any effort for the operator.

Regulating System

The operator will modify the coating width manually by untightening the screws of the tank lid to adjust it to the label block of the series to be produced. The ergonomic design allows this adjustment to be made in complete safety. In a few minutes, the machine is ready to work with a new label without the need to stop the working line for hours. V-Label saves a great deal of time and, above all, production costs.

Seamless machine integration

The same applicator can be designed wth slight modifications to adapt to the needs of the facility in which it is to be integrated. Its compact design, one of its main advantages, can be complemented with custom configurations such as:

  • Variation of the applicator position to the left or right.
  • Freedom to install the hydraulic connection: the applicator has 3 different options for the customer.
  • Setting the maximum speed according to the selected solenoid valve.
  • Possibility of applying anti-humidity protection.

An exclusive range for labelling

V-Label completes the Meler range for industrial labelling lines. Our range of solutions for swirl together with our melting equipment with piston or gear pump allow very precise dispensing, with quality finishes and optimal adhesive consumption.



To find out more about our new V-Label, please visit our website and do not hesitate to ask for more information at:

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