One applicator, multiple formats

V-label is a label applicator that adapts the coating width to the specific size of each label.

Manual adjustment system

Its manual sliding adjustment system allows changes to be made quickly on the machine itself and, moreover, without any risk to the operator.

  • Valid for any label format from 0 to 140 mm(2 models for a whole range: from 0/100 mm and from 0/140 mm)
  • Bottle/can diameter ≽ 50mm
  • ∞ patterns

V-Label, the versatile labelling applicator from Meler

Designed to boost the productivity of  industrial labelling  systems

Perfect machine integration

V-Label is easily adaptable to every installation thanks to the following features:

  • Compact design
  • Simplicity: only uses one module and one solenoid valve
  • 3 different options for hydraulic connection
  • Ergonomic positioning of the connector assembly
  • On-demand configuration of the applicator (left/right)

A high performance applicator

V-Label guarantees adhesive savings and maximum productivity of the labelling line by means of:

  • High repeatability and speed of application
  • Thermal optimisation of the applicator body
  • Precise adjustment of the application grammage by means of the MSU.FL.R adjustable module

Meler your BusinessFlow parter

A specialised range for container labelling facilities

A profitable business needs versatility 

The labelling systems work with all types of containers: glass, plastic and metal. An efficient system must adapt to the specifications of each of the different production runs.
V-label is Meler’s solution for wrap-around labelling processes that  offers the versatility that every business needs.

Specialists in the application of hot melt in the packaging sector 

V-Label completes the Meler range for industrial labelling lines. Our range of solutions for swirl together with our melting equipment with piston or gear pump allow very precise dispensing, with quality finishes and optimal adhesive consumption.

Meler is a specialist in developing specific solutions for each client, optimising productivity in terms of costs and maintenance.

Meler in the packaging and labelling industry

Technical features

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High application speedValue depending on solenoid valve, adhesive and coating width.
Maximum label widthFrom 0 to 100mm or from 0 to 140mm (depending on version).

Manual adjustment of the coating width by untightening the screws and sliding the tank lid.

Fast positioning by means of support on the labels to be laminated.

Machine positionLeft or right side (depending on version).
Laminated strip thicknessFine adjustment via adjustable module  MSU.FL.R
Maximum adhesive pressure30 bar
Application controlSolenoid valve 3/2 8.5 w or solenoid valve 5/2 UF

(one single pneumatic single acting module)

Maximum pneumatic opening pressure6 bar. Recommended: 5 bar. Dry, clean, unlubricated air.
Temperature controlPt100; Ni120 (desde la unidad fusora)
Maximum applicator temperature200°C
Power supplyPt100; Ni120 (from melting unit)
Applicator electrical power100mm version: 700W
140mm version: 900W
Environmental conditionsRoom temperature 0-40°C

Relative humidity: 90% RH max. (at 30°C)

Options (on request)NTC temperature control technology

Damp-proof version

Field test

Adjustable labelling Applicator V-Label: field test

ETIMA, labelling machinery manufacturer,integrates in its linear labelling machine (Model ML-L/B) all the Meler gluing system composed by:

  • Swirl station with a 4 modules applicator
  • Adjustable coating head: V-Label for the lamination of the wrap-around label located on the label holder of the main machine.
  • Micron + 10

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