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Micron+ Flowmeter: every drop counts

Focke Meler is launching a production optimization tool which permits the immediate adhesive-consumption monitoring. It is an optional system that can be easily installed in any Micron+ piston.

The industry currently prioritises working with data. Automating production and forecasting its development are key to any company in Industry 4.0.

Fully aware of this, Focke Meler is launching an optional system on the market for our star melter Micron+, which can be easily installed in any piston unit and does not require any type of maintenance. Micron+ Flowmeter is aimed at covering the needs of customers who lack a monitoring system for their adhesive consumption and are therefore not aware of the costs involved on their production lines.

Advantages associated with adhesive-consumption monitoring

Finding out the accumulated or total adhesive consumption of each of the products manufactured, enables you to analyse, assess and take decisions to optimise production. There are three essential production advantages:

  • Logistical control of the adhesive stock, enabling the calculation of weekly, monthly etc., consumption
  • Improved quality of processes, being able to detect and correct adhesive dispensing deviations
  • Adhesive saving thanks to real-time adhesive adjustments applied to the product.

Operation and services
The Micron+ Flowmeter system provides a high-quality solution for monitoring hot melt consumption that uses Micron+ pistons as a reference and is capable of recording the following variables simultaneously:

  • Total adhesive consumption (kg)
  • Consumption by product (g/pr)/by time (g/h)
  • Accumulated consumption by product (g/pr)
  • Number of items processed

Simple system configuration
Once installed, it can be started up in minutes thanks to the features that come with Micron+ electronics. The system is able to automatically adjust when the operator indicates pressure variations or when a target consumption has been reached. Alarms can also be configured for achieving optimum dispensing.

The importance of data

Every drop of adhesive used is recorded on the statistics screen, which is then converted into valuable information for production. These data are display through the Micron+ screen, on the main machine via industrial communication systems or with the help of the Meler app (software included in the Micron + WIFI package). The data can be easily exploited via USB and analysed and used as the basis for implementing production improvements.

By incorporating Micron+ Flowmeter, every drop counts for optimising production in quality and in cost reduction.

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