Meler’s top award-winning series has been reinvented

The most advanced Micron design and technology for the future


Micron+ combines the quality of Micron technology: energy efficiency, melting efficiency and ease of use, with more advanced usability, thanks to its new electronic platform.


The new platform provides full connectivity, enabling remote control communication and the real-time transfer of the technical data necessary to fulfil the production goal of continuous improvement.

Industry 4.0

Meler is being modernised to adapt to Industry 4.0., digitising its production processes and using interconnected platforms to create more intelligent factories.


Thanks to the remote control, the system can be monitored and controlled in real time, without exposing the operator to any risk of accidents.


Multiple connectivity options

  • Remote control allows you to communicate with it from any device: smartphones, tablets… and from any place
  • Communication protocols for industry: Modbus RTU, Profibus, Profinet and Ethernet IP

Micron+ Piston pump with Bluetooth®

Easy integration

  • It is fully integrated with the main machine, allowing all units to be controlled from a single interface
  • Online interconnection

Data monitoring

  • It provides complete information about the current and past status of the unit
  • It allows the operator to anticipate the equipment’s maintenance needs
  • You can send a command or perform maintenance remotely, significantly improving the customer’s experience
  • USB for updates, backups & datalogger
  • Password


Advanced usability thanks to its control panel

It has a high impact-resistant 7″ touchscreen that is easy to use. It is quick to programme with a simple interface. It is possible to create several user profiles, customise areas, monitor in real time and obtain highly valuable technical data for equipment support.

All of Meler’s units use the same interface, making it extremely easy for users to learn how to use them, thus reducing training costs and increasing multi-skilling in the workplace.


  • It has 2 configurable outputs and 2 configurable inputs
  • Optional: 3 configurable outputs and 3 configurable inputs
  • Optional:  Auto Standby to manage activity via an external signal
  • 6 calendars, 6 time slots for ON-OFF/Standby
  • It is compatible with Pt100, Ni120 and NTC


  • Removable HMI screen:
    Together with the automatic feeder, this provides added safety for the operator as they operate the control from a place that is far away from the melter
  • Micron+ can come with an integrated pattern controller

Energy efficiency

Micron + Flowmeter

New optional functionality to optimize your production line trough immediate adhesive-consumption monitoring

Production advantages

Stock control

Records the total adhesive consumption, which helps you to know when the next order is necessary, thereby optimising stock management.

Greater reliability in processes

Lets you know the quantity of adhesive being applied and reports an alarm if the weight falls outside the set target.

Cost analysis

Provides the necessary adhesive-consumption information to perform a cost analysis reduction.

Technical features

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Micron+5, Micron+10, Micron+20, Micron+35

Expand technical features

Melting rate*from 9.0 to 30 kg/h.
Pumping capacity*29.3 kg/h for 7 cc pump (*); 66 kg/h for 19 cc (*) pump.
No. of outlets2, 4 or 6 electrical outlets – 6 hydraulic outlets.
Range of temperatures0 to 200ºC (32 to 392º F).
Temperature controlPt100, Ni120 or NTC-R.
Maximum working pressure (up to 6 bars)81.6 bar (1183 psi).
External featuresINPUTS: unit on/off, standby, activity control (input signal for auto standby/off), pump on-off, coms on-off, inhibition of electrical outlets.

OUTPUTS: low adhesive level, pump on, standby, temperature OK,
temperatures at set points, error, level error (warning light), feeding fault.

Electrical requirements1N ~ 230V 50/60Hz + PE or 3N ~ 400V 50/60Hz + PE.
Options-Range of temperatures from 0 to 230ºC (32 to 446ºF).
-VP-200 automatic pressure control.
-Transformer base for 400 VAC without neutral (not available in 35 version).
-Air intake filter.
-Low level detector (not available in 230ºC) or capacitive sensor with or without warning light.
-Automatic adhesive feeder.


*Depending on the type of adhesive.


cULus and CE-certified design

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Empowering your systems

Removable HMI screen

It provides added safety for the operator as they operate the control from a place that is far away from the melter

Micron + Piston 8 outlets

To meet any industrial need. Available in Micron + 5, 10, 20 and 35 versions.

Are you interested in this product?

Are you interested in this product?

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