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The new Meler “all-rounder” melters are adapted for all types of adhesive applications.



Do your melters work with SUPER FAST USE?
SF Accesibility-Melter-Meler

You can access the inside of the unit in just a few steps, maintaining a robust and hermetic design at all times.

This system is implemented in Meler units to facilitate use and maintenance, reducing learning times and costs. We gain in Productivity

Easy clean-mantenimiento-meler

Thanks to its construction and materials: simplified assembly and anti-stick properties that make the unit simple and efficient to clean and maintain. Our units aim to ensure operators have a simple and reliable work cycle.

SF Plug and play-Melter-Meler

“Plug and play” is the concept that guided the design of this melter unit with the necessary characteristics for simple application, in both Bead and Swirl. Connect and work, optimising operator work flow.
Your highly reliable tool for daily work.


Maximum performance

SF means power. Robuts pumps provide high pumping capacity. This, in addition to a large tank, result in excellent unit performance.

  • Constant glue flow by the pump
  • Stabile adjustment of the system pressure

SF units can work for a multitude of applications under high adhesive demands.

Their simplicity and ease of use, combined with their great power, make SF units synonymous with maximum productivity.

SF-maximum performance-meler




The line of SF melters features unbeatable versatility and flexibility.

SF 4 is the compact model, designed for simpler manual applications with a smaller tank. SF 10 and 20 are the older siblings, with more “muscle” and 10 and 20 L tanks, perfect for manual or semi-automatic applications that require more adhesive and higher production.

  • No compressed air needed with a standard handgun

The flexibility offered by Meler with these units allows for made-to-order customisation for clients.


Easy use

Making things simple.
Maximum simplification. The unit can be disassembled without the need for major technical knowledge, making it not only accessible to more users but also easy to understand and use. You will be able to master the units and get the most from them in just a short time. It will be the work tool you trust every day.

Intuitive (User experience): all the parts (tank, pump, motor, etc.) are easily recognisable at a glance, making it easier for users to manage, control and maintain the unit.

  • Easy digital platform.
SF-easy to use-meler

Total accessibility

Design: The SF Line has been designed to make each of the units completely accessible. A small number of parts and lines enable simple assembly.

Your secret weapon:  Modularity and Total Access / Easy clean Systems  

Total Access + Easy clean = Efficient cleaning and maintenance 

  • Nonstick materials
  • Coating tank

The simplified design facilitates assembly tasks and the materials are completely anti-stick to ensure the efficiency of cleaning tasks



Meler is committed to making flexible units, which is certainly true for the SF line.

These units can be configured to order based on market or client needs.


  • Bead applications:
    Hose + manual applicator
    FMM Nozzle
  • Swirl applications:
    24 Vdc electrovalve
    Swirl nozzle


  • Variable speed system (Plug&play)
  • Level sensor
  • Optional pneumatic bypass

Usage diagram

intuitive-user experience
SF 4 Melter Meler dimensions


SF 10 Melter Meler dimensions


SF 20 Melter Meler dimensions


Consult SF technical details

Tank capacity4 ,10 & 20 L
Melting rate (*)Up to 6kg/h (SF4) – 9 kg/h (SF 10) – 19,9kg/h (SF 20)
Pumps number 1
Hydraulic outputs2 (SF4)-4 (SF10 &20)
Number of electrical outputs2 (SF 4) 4 (SF 10 &20)
Motor power8cc/rev gear pump (SF10 &20) 2cc/rev (SF4)
Motor speed (*)FIXED
Temperature controlRTD ±0,5°C (Pt100, Ni120)
Motor with temperature sensorYES  (SF 10 &20)
Working temperature40- 200 °C (104 to 392ºF)
Weight40 kg (SF 4) – 65 kg (SF 10) – 66,5 kg (SF 20)
By-pass valveMechanical / Pneumatic (optional)
Working pressureUp to 80 bar
Electrical connection120V single phase (SF4), 240V 2Ph (30A) or 240V 3Ph  w/o neutral (SF10 &20)
OptionsVariable speed as optional (external box), level detector, 240V 3Phases w/o neutral

(*) Under standard conditions

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