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Follow the progress of the Focke Meler office every step of the way

We gave you the news in January: construction of the new Focke Meler office in Orkoien (Navarre) was about to begin. The new Focke Meler office will be able to triple production. It will also be employing a total of 100 people, making it an investment of local jurisdiction (foral) interest in Navarre.

Work started on the new offices in February. We were able to see the first lorries working on the foundations. The foundation stone was placed!


In April, the new structure was complete. It was still a skeleton but it enabled us to imagine all the rooms: production, storage, showroom, gym, meeting rooms, offices, etc.


In May, the structure started to take shape and the activity on site was frenetic. The objective: meet the established deadlines.

Several unforeseen circumstances may occur during construction and it is important to continuously monitor the construction site. That is how Focke Meler worked, reviewing every detail and solving problems that arose.


The office had new features after summer. Brick, window and door openings, etc. Everything was going well! We got a glimpse of the spacious and comfortable interior. Our idea from the conception of the project was to construct an “open space” while also paying special attention to the “Design Thinking methodology” in order to provide our employees with more collaborative spaces.

In October, the new production plant was almost ready: over 4,500 square metres for developing and manufacturing the range of Meler products.


In line with the established deadlines, we will be opening the new office in the new year. The entire construction has been recorded with time-lapse cameras, so once construction has finished, we will be able to see how the new Focke Meler office was created. We are very excited!

For now, you can follow every step of the finishing touches from the construction website.

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