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Save energy with MICRON MOD and melt only the adhesive you need

Micron MOD with gear pump is a melter that combines the advantages of an automatic filling system with “Micron” technology. Increased energy and melting efficiency and maximum preservation of all of the adhesive’s properties, achieved through precise flow control.

The cost and availability of energy mean that one of the industrial challenges of the future will be to achieve energy-efficient products and processes. Focke Meler has been meeting that challenge for years, creating a full range of solutions with optimised energy consumption.

With this in mind, we created MICRON MOD with gear pump, an innovative, versatile and robust device, designed to preserve the quality of the adhesive, for low and medium consumption applications.

Thanks to its design and flexibility, it can be integrated into any industrial application.

Because it uses Melt on Demand technology, it only melts the necessary amount of adhesive, when required, quickly, safely and efficiently; this means that the adhesive always remains in a perfect condition, preventing charring and, therefore, clogging of the nozzles, so frequent cleaning of the melting system is not required.


Micron MOD with gear pump is a major breakthrough for the industry, as a certain number of existing applications require the use of “conflictive” adhesives such as those with a polyamide base, which must be treated with greater care. This makes Meler’s Micron MOD the ideal choice, because when it is applied it is durable and the adhesive always remains in an optimal condition thanks to its load and melt sealing system, which guarantees that there will be no contaminants.


As it is a melt on demand system, energy consumption and the device’s start-up time are significantly reduced.

All of the components in the device are heated in a compact block to make maximum use of the electrical energy. Moreover, they are fully insulated to prevent heat loss to the exterior and to the device’s other components.

Less maintenance and production downtime thanks to the easy-to-access device.


Units with “Micron” technology are designed to ensure maximum user safety. The “CoolTouch” casing remains cold throughout the process, significantly reducing the risk of burns. It also comes with a bypass valve, which limits the maximum pressure in the hydraulic circuit while the pump is operating.


Meler designs equipment that is very easy to use and always with the same operation, thus reducing operating, maintenance and energy costs.

With over 30 years of experience, Focke Meler Gluing Solutions is a leading company in the adhesive solution, application system and application component sector.

Meler’s extensive and wide range of products, and its expertise in application engineering, means that it can resolve any problems and meet any requirements relating to gluing and sealing in such diverse sectors as graphic arts and paper handling and the packing and packaging of other products from the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive, construction and building, wood and furniture and medical device and textile industries.

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