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Raptor, the specialist applicator brand, presents Raptor Infinity

Raptor is the new specialist brand from Meler for the application of hot melt adhesives with Raptor Infinity at the head, the most versatile, durable and precise electric applicator: maximum precision affordable for everyone. 

Where tech meets magic

When the complex is made simple, it’s magic!
Meler launches Raptor Infinity, the most versatile and durable solution to improve industrial adhesive processes. The time has come to discover technological quality and precision affordable for everyone. 

Raptor Infinity, for infinite perfection

The new applicator from Meler is designed to facilitate adhesive application processes thanks to its LOGICAL SIMPLICITY technology: versatility, durability and high-tech.

  • Versatility
    Raptor Infinity is a compact applicator with a direct electrical connection (24VDC standard voltage) and with no driver. This productive advantage makes installations as simple as possible and ensures total integration with the client’s PLC.
    Its complete range allows for great adaptability to the needs of each application (nozzles, various modules, etc.).
  • Durability
    The design of Raptor Infinity, containing electro-magnetic elements, reduces wear on moving parts whose useful life exceeds 500 M usage cycles.
    Also noteworthy is its cool-touch magnetic covers that can be assembled and removed with a single click, ensuring efficient maintenance tasks.
  • High-tech
    Raptor Infinity offers maximum performance in adhesive dosing for two essential aspects: stability in continuous applications (dot or bead) and precision maintained in a medium-high frequency range (t. min 3.5ms).
    Also, it is compatible with a high range of viscosities (6,000 mPa.s max.).

The balance between design and the most innovative technology allows Meler to offer a complete and very versatile applicator, because we seek solutions that make life easer.
With more than 40 years’ knowledge and experience, Meler has created Raptor, the range of applicators created to boost productive capacity and the simplification of industrial adhesive application processes. A solution for every business need, based on one single goal, to look after what matters to you and everything around you.

Discover the complete range and all the technical details of the new electrical applicator!

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