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Meler’s new hand-held hot melt applicator is called Raptor Handy

RAPTOR HANDY: the hand-held applicator from Raptor by Meler to make the processes easier

In our race to adapt and catch up with market requirements, we are working to make our development ever more sustainable and efficient. A business vision that has positioned us as a benchmark in the sector with the latest launch of Raptor by Meler: Raptor Handy. An applicator created by and for the user as a result of an integral design process carried out at all levels.

The new Raptor Handy, which maintains the powerful features of the previous hand applicator, is designed to respond to a changing market that demands usability, ergonomics and high performance.

The result? An ergonomic solution that significantly improves manual adhesive application operations. A development that offers maximum performance, comfort and safety in the application of all processes.

Raptor Handy: When ergonomics & design becomes magic
(In collaboration with big D Design Consultancy)

The applicator that enhances the user experience

Continuous research by Meler’s R&D departments has created two models of Raptor Handy. One with an upper hose inlet and the other with a lower connection, both versions offering an optimal, fast and clean adhesive cut.

As a result of a comprehensive design process, Raptor Handy was developed to offer an excellent spiral spraying application thanks to its new mechanical design and improved thermal stability. High performance is supplemented by the new connectivity of the applicator thanks to wireless activation by automatic connection and the arrangement of the internal switch.

A process of creation in which improvement in maintenance of the applicator was a priority, as well as a substantial increase in safety. With Easy Clean technology, the nozzle is optimised to make cleaning much easier thanks to a faster response at the adhesive flow output.

Likewise, the new Raptor Handy features a new concept of modularity in its mechanical design, making replacement of parts much faster and more efficient. Protection is enhanced by Cool-Touch technology, which improves the safety of the whole unit and prevents burns. This safety is enhanced by the trigger locking system designed to offer maximum peace of mind for the operator.

Recognising design

On the way to position Raptor Handy as the new market-leading hand applicator, special attention was paid to design that considerably improves the user experience. Reduction of the weight of the applicator significantly simplifies the operator’s daily work, which is also made easier thanks to the new ergonomic trigger and 360º rotation of the hose, achieving an unprecedented swirl application.

Raptor Handy, the new Raptor by Meler concept for the automotive, packaging, product assembly, mattress and textile industries, is the first applicator on the market that really brings people and machines together in a single process. A new project that has won the prestigious ADI Awards and Reddot awards, thus putting the finishing touch to recognition of user-centred design.

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