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Micron+Titan: Your reliable, high capacity melter, with 200 L tank

Simplicity and melt technology to simplify adhesive-intensive processes.

Micron by Meler launches the Micron+ Titan 200, 200 melter, your new specialist melter for applications requiring high adhesive flowrate, so that nothing slows down your production.

Advanced melting technology

Micron+ Titan 200 is a compact, high melting capacity machine that simplifies your production processes. Compatible for use with a wide variety of adhesive formats, pellets, pillows or blocks.

A melter that stands out for its advanced melting technology, which achieves great thermal stability throughout the tank, ensuring the care of the adhesive during the application process.

All the melting power is designed under energy efficiency parameters, in which energy consumption is optimised, thanks to an efficient tank. Among the advantages is the quality of adhesive flow output to the dispenser. Reaching a melting capacity of up to 180 kg/h*.

(*) Depending on the type of adhesive, temperature and other working conditions.

Experiment the Easy clean concept

For reliable, safe and fast maintenance.

Meler’s commitment is to create systems in which our customer is the central axis of innovation. We design equipment that facilitates work throughout the production chain, from the engineer to the maintenance operator. That is why all our systems are modular, fully customisable and accessible.

The ‘Easy-clean concept’, is born from this philosophy. This system guarantees total accessibility of the equipment, for a unique user experience, while at the same time making maintenance work easier, to maximise productivity on the production line.


  • Removable grill and manifold.
  • Easy opening of the casing
  • Plug & play systems for greater operability

Usability and total control of your production line

The digital platform allows you to get all the features of industrial connectivity and communication, for greater control of your production line. Configurable, easy to use, intuitive and endorsed by hundreds of customers worldwide.

  • Connectivity for Industry 4.0
  • VP control from screen
  • Integrated StarBI (Optional)
  • ADA system (Optional)

The easiest way to get results

Micron+Titan 200 is presented to the market as your most reliable melter for high volume adhesive processes, to make your work easier, hassle-free maintenance and simple start-up and operation..

What are you waiting for? Discover all the advantages  of implementing Micron+ Titan 200 in your production line.


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