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MICRON+TITAN PUR: working with PUR adhesives has never been so easy

SImplified the adhesive PUR application with Micron+Titan PUR, the new Micron by meler’s melter.

We introduce the high capacity melter for PUR applications, Micron+ Titan PUR, the specialized melter from Micron by meler, to help you in the PUR adhesive processes.

Micron+ Titan PUR, melting technology to optimize the PUR adhesive application process. The perfect balance between melting performance and optimal adhesive care, reaching melting speeds of up to 17kg/h.

The cylindrical hopper design allows the use of adhesive blocks up to 20kg without wrapping. The lid system with hermetic closing and sealing gasket effectively prevents charring due to humidity.

Easy clean concept, for effortless maintenance

Meler’s commitment is to create systems in which our customer is the central axis of innovation. We design equipment that facilitates work throughout the production chain, from the engineer to the maintenance operator. That is why all our systems are modular, fully customizable, and accessible.

Discover the ‘Easy-clean concept‘, Its simple and accessible design is the key to streamline your daily tasks. With full accessibility to all equipment components, cleaning operations become easier and safer.

Among the advantages of this system is the design of the tank, which has been designed without heating wings, to make maintenance tasks more efficient.


  • Removable grill.
  • Tank: no heating wings, smooth design.
  • Tilting hopper.
  • Plug&play systems.

Usability and total control of your production line.

The digital platform allows you to get all the features of industrial connectivity and communication, for greater control of your production line. Configurable, easy to use, intuitive and supported by hundreds of customers worldwide.

  • Connectivity for 4.0 industry
  • Up to 8 electrical outputs
  • Integrated Satrbi (Optional)
  • ADA system (Optional)

Conectividad-postThe easiest way to get the best results.

Micron+Titan PUR is the melter you need to work with PUR adhesives, where adhesive care and maintenance play an essential role.  It is for this reason that Micron by meler is committed to offering you the adhesive systems that best meet your industrial requirements.

If you want to know more about the system that simplifies your work with PUR adhesives, download the free brochure here.


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