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Meler is launching a new series of Zero Cavity modules

Meler, a leader in Hot Melt application systems and components for PUR and EVA adhesives, is introducing a new range of zero cavity modules. The main advantage of this range is its needle closure and cone seat, enabling the complete elimination of the output cavity from the nozzle. This results in a highly accurate application without any strips in the final cut-off, and increases the safety in the closure in case of possible obstructions due to its ‘self-cleaning’ effect.

The range covers the usual modules for their use in bead applications, both single-acting (AOSC) and double-acting (AOAC), as well as the family’s small double-acting modules (AOAC), the microprecision modules.

The robust and durable opening and closing system now includes the option of being able to remove the nozzle for replacement or the selection of a new output diameter, without having to acquire a completely new module, as is the case with traditional modules with undetachable fixed nozzles.

The bead application range also offers a new zero cavity model for swirl application with greater projection in the air channels machined on the nozzle itself, resulting in more stable swirls and perfect definition on the edges of the application.

The range is completed with a fine adjustment system for the path of the closure needle helping to regulate the outflow, which is very useful in multimodule applications where the flows of all the modules need to be adjusted to the same parameter.

All the modules are compatible with other products on the market.

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