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Macro Foam: Melting, Foaming and Pumping of Hotmelt and PUR adhesives

There is an increasing number of applications for which Macro Foam technology is showing its usefulness. The Macro Foam series is part of the range of Meler equipment for the melting, foaming and pumping of Hotmelt and PUR adhesives. This equipment is designed to foam an adhesive with a gas in order to achieve certain advantages, such as, for example, hermetic and consistent sealing, sponginess and significant adhesive saving.

What does the Macro Foam series technology consist of?

Meler foaming technology is based on mixing the adhesive which comes from the tank with a gas under certain temperature and pressure conditions, to then be directly applied without using a recirculation system. Once the mixture has been applied to the substrate, the gas expands by a pressure change, thus increasing the total volume of the bead.

Macro Foam equipment applications in constant growth

The Macro Foam series has proven its effectiveness in a wide variety of applications, including the automotive sector, where Focke Meler offers the best solutions for coating and adhesive bonding on various parts of vehicles. Also, Meler Foam technology has shown its great practicality in the field of sanitary products and in the white line of household appliances.

Among other specific uses, Meler Macro Foam equipment has been used to stick vehicle seats (bonding of the structure with the cushioned part), for the adhesivity of insulating fittings on the doors of the car (achieving a seal that prevents the entry of dust, vibrations or noise) and for the closing of the seal of the drum lids.

What are the advantages of Meler foaming?

Thanks to Macro Foam technology great advantages are achieved in applying the adhesive:

What makes Meler Macro Foam equipment different to that already available on the market?

The characteristics of Macro Foam give it many advantages over other foaming equipment:

  • The great advantage of this equipment is that it does not have recirculation:
    • Meler systems generate the adhesive and gas mixture and effect direct application to the substrate. As there is no recirculation, constant gasification is maintained and, consequently, uniformity in the application. This uniformity in gasification makes it possible to apply foam beads at a higher speed than with recirculation systems.
    • The process is more economical as only one hose is needed instead of two (as in the case of devices with recirculation).
    • 4 foam pumps can be installed in the same unit.
  • Greater accessibility to the pump and gas injection valve. Both elements are completely outside the tank, unlike other firms.
  • The sponginess of the adhesive requires less effort from the machines that place them in the final product, giving the equipment greater durability.

Meler Macro Foam equipment is also backed by the experience and track record of Focke Meler and its commitment to the flexibility and maximum adaptability of its equipment to the customer’s needs, as well as energy efficiency.

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