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How can an adhesive application system be unique without the price going through the roof?

One of the main principles of Focke Meler is to provide customised solutions in adhesive and sealant application systems based on our standard products. Why have we opted for this?

Because we are thus able to combine the maximum level of efficiency and customisation in the adhesive systems that we provide without the price going through the roof. We provide a guaranteed solution to the customer’s specific problem, and we do so based on products that have already been created, thus avoiding the need for major investment in R&D.

To show more clearly what we can do for you in the use of adhesives, we would like to share with you one of our most recent experiences with the robotics and industrial automation company Probot Automation.


From the very beginning, the question that Probot Automation posed us was clear and direct: How can you help me?

The company had a new multitool application for the upholstery sector called the Multitap Solution, which encompassed various processes for the preparation of sofa frames or structures using robots.

One of the biggest issues was integrating the gluing process into the robot’s dynamic, so that adhesive could be applied in a swirl application to sofa structures. The technique of applying adhesive in the manufacture of furniture has to be very precise, both in terms of quantity and accuracy when placing the adhesive.

There was also the added challenge of having to incorporate an adhesive system in a machine that is in continuous movement: the implements, hose and machinery wear quicker than in a static machine.


With the challenge laid down, the moment for action came, and quickly. Nobody, and much less a prestigious industry, can allow their production line to be stopped. There was therefore no room for doubts: the speed in providing solutions must always be one of the main aims.

The work began, coordinated between the Probot Automation engineers and Meler’s engineering team. With the needs identified, the specific formula was designed for adapting Meler’s standard adhesive application products to the specific characteristics of the Probot robot.

The integration of two robots allowed us to work with 19 movement axes (and carry out movements for gluing and other processes that would have been impossible with just one robot), which allowed complete flexibility and complex movements, achieving all kinds of distances in each of the processes.

As such, the application of glue all along the edge of each part comprising the frame was achieved, and made it possible to proceed to the subsequent covering of the entire structure with each of the foam rubber parts.

To guarantee the best application, the most suitable accessories were selected from our extensive range:

As it was a very demanding and high-precision application, the ECA/ECAI series applicator was used for spiral applications, characterised by its capacity for applying adhesive to large surfaces with a perfect control of the outline and achieving larger gluing surfaces with less adhesive, which helps to reduce costs. The E series nozzle was chosen for the formation of spirals with different diameters.

In this case, a melter that guaranteed regular pumping was required, as were savings in electrical energy, which is why the Micron piston with a 10-litre capacity was chosen.


There are advantages in all senses:

  • We obtained a perfect adhesive application solution for each project that is based on our range of products.
  • We didn’t need to make major investments and we were able to resolve the issue at a very reasonable price.
  • We guarantee maximum energy efficiency and huge cost savings in terms of electrical energy, as the products from Meler’s Micron range are the most efficient on the market.
  • We ensure easy maintenance with the resulting cost and time savings: those responsible for maintenance in each company will know how the machine is operating at all times. The equipment is very easy to use.
  • The applicators used are very precise and robust and the hoses are very resistant and of the highest reliability. We therefore guaranteelong durability.


  • Technical experience in knowing the real needs of the customer and how to resolve them.
  • A wide range of high-quality products.
  • The capacity for adapting standard adhesive products to the technical requirements of the robots and the application.
  • Monitoring and coordination by a team of experts who supervise the gluing process until the adhesive is evenly applied to the whole structure and a perfect finish is achieved.
  • Lack of costly price increases.
  • Meler warranty for all products.

For this and many other reasons, the experience with Probot Automation has been fully satisfactory and has helped consolidate a relationship of trust already established in recent years.


Furniture manufacturers are increasingly using hotmelt adhesives in their manufacturing processes. Focke Meler, as a specialist in adhesive applications, collaborates with many such manufacturers through its advice and technical experience, adapting its wide range of products to the needs of any company.

The flexibility and speed developed by Focke Meler means that we are able to adapt to any sector and design specific solutions to guarantee the best gluing process for each project.

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