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Ergonomics and sustainability for adhesive bonding processes in the furniture, upholstery and mattress industry

Meler, your Gluing Solutions partner, offers its customers specialist know-how in the product/process/application combination. Being a manufacturer of tailor-made solutions, it allows designing the perfect installation for each production line, always considering the ergonomics for the worker and the search for the sustainability in each process.

Meler develops complete solutions for the application of industrial adhesives in many sectors, including the furniture, upholstery and mattress industry. The wide variety of substrates used in their manufacture (polyurethane foam, fiber or textile blankets, wood, polystyrene, etc…) makes necessary the use of different types of adhesive, as well as application processes.

Meler is specialized in the integration of hot melt adhesives in any of these production processes, whether manual or automatic. Knowing how a product is manufactured and helping the customer to optimize the adhesive application process is the key to Meler’s know-how. After more than 40 years of experience as a supplier of adhesive solutions, Meler knows well how to increase the durability of furniture by using PUR adhesives or how to save adhesive by using Foam technology in the manufacture of mattresses. But beyond the quality of the final product, Meler focuses on the user, because improving the daily work has positive consequences for any business.

Raptor Handy, Focke Meler's manual applicator

Foaming, cutting-edge technology to reduce adhesive consumption

Meler also has a new technology to meet the needs of manufacturers: foaming hot melt adhesives. This technique, based on obtaining a perfect mixture of air and adhesive, offers great production advantages. It not only reduces adhesive consumption, but also increases the volume of the bead applied and enlarges the adhesion surface on the substrate. The result is that the manufactured products have a lower percentage of adhesive without affecting the adhesion and it is also compatible with most adhesives on the market: PSA/EVA, PUR/POR, etc…

Recognizing all these production and environmental advantages, Meler’s engineering team has worked to develop a complete range that meets all production requirements: from the small company that manufactures customized furniture, to the large mattress production that needs a constant flow. Micron + Foam is the first compact melter on the market that will allow many small and medium-sized companies to test the advantages of FOAM technology without making large investments. For those companies that produce continuously with several production lines, the MACRO FOAM melter, available in various tank sizes (35, 50 or 120l) and with a pumping capacity of up to 150 rpm, will be the best option.

Sustainable production means knowing how to optimize resources, materials and energy to achieve the same result: a quality end product. Meler, your Gluing Solutions partner, is the perfect partner to design a more efficient adhesive application. Contact us and join the foam technology!

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