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Bluetooth® technology in the Micron+ piston hot-melt melter by Meler

Meler has integrated Bluetooth® technology in its Micron+ piston melter to give a boost to the productivity of your hot-melt systems.

Meler makes a firm commitment to innovation by digitalising its product portfolio thereby streamlining and boosting your operations. Bluetooth® technology represents progress in the development of Meler solutions for Industry 4.0.

Advantages of the digitalisation of industry

The digitalisation of industry introduces connectivity between equipment and mobile devices, offering multiple opportunities to improve the productivity of production lines. Some of the benefits associated with the development of “man-machine”interfaces are the following:

  • Improvement in productivity
  • Reduction in operator efforts for repetitive tasks
  • Increase in work safety
  • Improvement in interaction between equipment/operator

Meler BT App: one more step towards Industry 4.0

After installing the free Meler BT App (iOS/Android) and its connection to the melter via Bluetooth, the user will be able to manage their Micron+ piston wirelessly from a radio with a 10-m range. Bluetooth technology puts brand new features in the palm of your hand:

Direct, wireless connection

Real time monitoring of equipment status

Remote access of principle control parameters

And its main advantages are:

  • Wireless, secure system
  • Multiple control system: enables the handling of several machines from a Smartphone
  • Simple and economic (no data transfer charges)

Micron+ piston with Bluetooth®: field test

What will happen when I switch on the melter before production starts? How do I change the temperature remotely? How can I detect an alarm from anywhere in my factory?

Our collaboration with Bodegas Artazu answers all these questions and shows the advantages of our customer having a melter with Bluetooth® technology.

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