Touchscreen pattern programmer

For hot melt and cold glue applications with variable speed and time settings.


Browse intuitively with its 7” touchscreen to begin programming quickly and easily.

This screen contains a user menu that allows the equipment to be configured in an optimal manner for the various application requirements.

Program multiple patterns

Its advanced programming and large memory enable it to memorise up to 100 products. It has a USB port for updating the software and making backup copies, as well as Modbus and Profibus communications (optional) to select the product to be produced.

For spotting or bead applications, with the option of using a combination of both.

Easy to use and control

It guarantees continuous application without the need to stop production as changes can be made online.

It also opens easily to allow quick access to its interior.

Precision and speed

It is able to reach a variable speed of up to 600 metres per minute, with firing speeds of under 1 ms. This allows for pinpoint accuracy and faster application of adhesive.

Technical characteristics

Its small and compact design has been designed to allow it to be easily integrated into the adhesive application process.

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Measurements of 2-channel device





Measurements of 4 -6-channel device





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Supply voltage 100-264 V / 47-63 Hz
Power up to 25 W/channel (per pair of outputs)
Channels output voltage 24 VDC
Screen 7” Touchscreen
Output 0-10V (without insulation) 24 VDC (supply); 0 to 10 VDC (signal)
Output 0-10V (insulated) to 10 VDC (signal)
Photocell/encoder 24 VDC (supply); 24 VDC PNP output (signal)
Number of Channels 2, 4 or 6
Number of Applicators per Channel 2
Number of Lines per Channel 8 (individual dotting)
Number of Photocells up to 6 (according to number of channels)
Number of Encoder/Input 0-10 V 1/1
Number of Channel Inhibitors 1
Maximum speed of main machine 600 m/min
Minimum application speed Programmable
Programming margin (encoder) 1-6550,0 mm
Programming margin (time) 1-6550,0 ms
Programmed tolerance ±0,1
Basic languages German, Spanish, French, English, Italian and Portuguese
Communications (optional) Modbus / Profibus
USB Port For backing up and updating software (Windows app)

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