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A look at the timber industry through the eyes of our customers

Focke Meler has an expert team of professionals who specialise in the various applications for adhesives and sealants in the furniture industry. In a year of growing demand, we have shared the many challenges faced by our customers.

This pandemic year has had a positive impact on certain sectors, such as interior design and the furniture industry. The lockdown has increased demand in the renovations market and people have used money that would have been spent in other ways on doing up their homes.
Meler specialises in the application of adhesives for the timber and furniture industry, so this change in demand has also impacted our customers.
“Demand is so high that supply has been taken by surprise. The good news is that this demand has led to a huge leap in value for the sector”, says Pedro Arrogante, Sales Manager at Focke Meler and a specialist in the timber sector.
The focus is now being placed on quality furniture items and process improvements. Meler has also felt these effects. “In the last period, we did approximately 20 new installations at companies in the sector. We have also offered technical visits focused on achieving an increase in productivity from existing equipment. The extensive knowledge offered by the Meler team in the use of structural adhesives has helped to improve work patterns”.

José Miguel Casado, a Focke Meler technician specialised in the use of reactive polyurethanes in the industry, explains that “existing PURs improve productivity and guarantee quality in the end product, even in exports. However, they pose new challenges for our customers given that their use implies a productive change. Cleaning and maintenance processes need to be changed to prevent adhesive reticulation, and temperature control must be more precise. That’s why our technical work is so essential”.

This new way of working is reflected in the design of our range for the timber sector.  Meler creates modular products with anchor points that enable operators to make quick changes. A good example of this is the protective screen on our edging cutter.

  1. Precise regulation of lamination width with easy access into the main machine.
  2. The transversal position of the module improves adhesive application quality. The model with the module on the upper section is also available.
  3. The protective screen on the cutter, which is in constant contact with the panel, can be easily changed by simply unscrewing a few screws.

To make maintenance easier when using reactive polyurethanes, Meler recommends purchase of a basic spare parts kit and a total clean every 8 or 9 months. Our in-depth knowledge of industrial adhesive application combined with the reliability of the Meler range is the best tool for responding to this unprecedented year in the timber industry.

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