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The Titan Desert will welcome an excited team from Focke Meler

With less than 20 days until the start of the Titan Desert event, our colleagues from Focke Meler Iñaki Marsal, Sergio López, and Carlos Izquieta are racing to complete their demanding training schedule and the necessary fine-tuning for taking on one of the toughest mountain bike challenges in the world. 

I weighed up the pros and cons of taking part in the Titan challenge. The cons included the heat, the harshness of the desert, the enormous physical effort involved, the tough training schedule in winter and the hours of training that would take me away from my family and friends”. However, the pros far outweighed the cons: “the thrill of an unbeatable adventure and the satisfaction of a unique experience were what made me decide to take part

Iñaki Marsal

The Titan Desert will take place from 29 April to 4 May in Morocco, in the Sahara desert and the Atlas Mountain range. The heat, the dunes, the rocky terrain, the sun and shade as a compass, sweat, frame of mind, camaraderie and so many other things will form our colleagues’ experience throughout the challenge. 

I am currently in a bubble of joy because of the Titan Desert and the birth of my daughter Leyre. I won’t forget the tough training sessions because of the weather and particularly because of having to balance so many things, including work, training and household chores”.

Sergio López-Vailo

By the time 29 April finally arrives, our brave work colleagues will have had to spend many hours away from their families, putting in a lot of hard work, suffering the cold and also overcoming many difficulties. On top of all of this was the unfortunate theft of the bicycle that Carlos Izquieta was going to use in the Titan, which almost caused him to abandon this adventure. 

The theft of the bike almost pulled the plug on my experience in the desert, but I managed to refocus and continue with the support of Focke Meler and my colleagues”.

Carlos Izquieta

Excitement, expectation and a unique experience await the three of them in the legendary Titan Desert through the landscapes of North Africa. They leave behind difficult moments during the preparation, as well as critical times. Now the desert adventure beckons them. Go for it lads!

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