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The new site will feature a gym and fitness equipment

Focke Meler is taking part in corporate fitness

Focke Meler has a strong commitment to sport and active health. We like to get on a bicycle and exercise while sharing fun, leisure moments with work colleagues. It is a good way to strengthen relationships and, above all, to encourage physical exercise among the workforce.

To strengthen this commitment, Focke Meler will install a fitness room at the new facilities. This means it will be easier for our employees to maintain a more active lifestyle and improve their occupational wellbeing, while being aware of time spent at work.

Combatting physical inactivity

We spend most of the day sitting down. Throughout their working life, many workers suffer loss of muscle mass, weight gains and are more susceptible to catching illnesses. Daily exercise is one of the best ways to combat this situation.

As little as 30 minutes of exercise per day can noticeably improve mood, concentration and performance, and this means we all benefit.

Benefits of corporate fitness for all

1. Improves employees’ occupational wellbeing, health and motivation
2. Reduces stress, improve memory and concentration
3. Lowers the company’s financial costs relating to absences for illness.
4. Improves work productivity

Focke Meler is a growing company that does not want to turn its back on those that form part of it. That is why the new facilities are intended to be something other than a space where we work. Our objective is to collectively design and construct the place we share.

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