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The new Meler MICRON MOD Series for instant melt on demand

The new Meler Micron MOD series is specially designed to preserve the adhesive in medium-low consumption applications. The main feature of this series is the “Melt on Demand” system that melts the adhesive only when it is needed, thus eliminating charring problems and significantly reducing power consumption.

Through careful treatment of the adhesive, the quality of the product is higher because the adhesion is better. As such, we are able to ensure that production does not stop due to the nozzles becoming clogged and the need for periodic cleaning is also reduced, which leads to savings in maintenance, time and costs.

Micron MOD was developed using Micron Technology and therefore incorporates its many advantages:

–       Energy efficiency

–       Melting efficiency

–       Simple and intuitive control panel

–       Easy access to the interior of the equipment

–       Quick and easy to clean

–       Smart Standby function: reduces the temperature of the equipment when the system is not in operation


For Meler Gluing Solutions, the safety of our clients is paramount. Our equipment therefore always keeps the exterior casing cool and features an automatic depressurisation valve in the event of an alarm or when the equipment is turned off.

The MU SERIES are the most popular applicators for our equipment, due both to their flexibility, as they can be configured to adapt to any application need, and to their durability.

Thanks to their innovative Micron MOD design, they can be integrated in any installation. This range is ideal for applications in markets such as packaging and labelling, graphic arts and assembly.

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