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Meler develops a high-speed wax sealing system with Bluetooth® technology for Bodegas Artazu

Meler improves the Bodegas Artazu production process with the integration of a high-speed wax sealing system. What’s more, our equipment features the new Micron+ piston: Bluetooth® technology.

Transforming a production process is never easy; but this was the challenge that Bodegas Artazu proposed to Meler. This winery in Navarre produces wine organically and its aim was to achieve a complete manufacturing cycle that embodied its philosophy.

Even the packaging is sustainable

To do this it was necessary to redesign its bottle packaging by introducing sustainable materials and achieve hermetic sealing without the use of aluminium or plastic. The solution chosen was wax sealing and the partner that made this possible was Meler.

The integration of a wax sealing system

Meler, as a specialist in the application of liquids, has a high capacity to adapt to the specific needs of each installation. In order to melt sealing wax it made a personalised Micron+ 5 Piston configuration: with a special inlet valve and an adapted filtering system.

To achieve the correct application, our STARBI pattern controller was incorporated and with the assistance of Ander Basterrafrom Meler’s technical team, the correct precision was achieved so that the wax sealing system could be integrated perfectly into the production process:  filling, corking, wax sealing, and finally, labelling.

A melter with Bluetooth® technology

Apart from the Starbi, the Micron+ at Bodegas Artazu features the new Bluetooth® functionality, which is unique in the market. According to Eduardo Blasco, oenology and viticulture manager at Bodegas y Viñedos Artazu: “this new melter option is very interesting because, from anywhere in my facilities, you can react quickly to any alarm and control the wax sealing system remotely while I am controlling quality elsewhere on the bottling line.”

Real time equipment monitoring
is one of the production advantages derived from the use of Bluetooth®; but there are many more, such as: an improvement in operator safety which, apart from interactivity in the handling of equipment, avoids unnecessary stops for making changes. The advantages that the use of Bluetooth® can bring to your adhesive application system are endless. Connect to the  melter for Industry 4.0!

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