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“People who improve companies”

Juan Caballero, alias “Juanito”, head of the Focke Meler warehouse, receives an honorary award that highlights his human value in the working enviroment.

Meler systems are an essential part of our customers’ processes because, thanks to them, they are able to manufacture quality products. Our business is based on making everything flow and to achieve this, it is vital to have a highly professional and committed team. If a company is capable of facing the challenges of the market, maintaining its competitiveness and continuing to generate opportunities, it is thanks to the people who make it up.

4th edition of the awards “People who improve companies”

Today we are celebrating because the Confederación Empresarial Navarra (CEN), composed of 49 business associations, more than 12,000 members between companies and self-employed professionals, has awarded our colleague Juan Caballero, alias “Juanito”, a business recognition that values the daily work of professionals who make their work environment a better place.

To qualify for the “People who improve companies” award, candidates had to demonstrate how their involvement, their collaborative attitude and their daily work, in short, strengthen the company’s corporate culture. However, the endorsement could only come from their own colleagues. Companies and organizations are committed to their human capital, well aware that it is a major differentiating factor in their development and competitiveness. This is the spirit in which these awards were born in 2018. To recognize those workers who stand out for their commitment and contribution to the good working environment in their companies.

Juanito’s candidacy video

The value of people to business

And that has been the case with Juanito, our warehouse manager. His ability to maintain order during the many changes and vicissitudes that supply management has had to go through in recent years has been admirable. If Meler’s production capacity has increased, it has been largely due to the contribution of professionals like him. On behalf of all of us, THANK YOU JUANITO.

Juanito received this honorary recognition today in an institutional act from Juan Miguel Sucunza, President of the CEN and María Chivite, President of the Government of Navarra, who emphasized that “the great lever of change in the transformation of the current business model is, without a doubt, people. It is talent and motivation what moves companies”.

The event was also attended by Javier Aranguren, Manager of Focke Meler, who took the opportunity to personally thank Juanito for his years of dedication to the company and to recognize that “these awards represent an initiative with a very strong business impact, which goes beyond improving our companies and, therefore, our society”.

This business recognition granted by the CEN celebrates this year its IV edition and has become one of the most relevant events for the strengthening of the corporate culture of the companies in Navarra.

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