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Non-stop production for the automotive industry

Meler Engineering creates a continuous lamination system for the automotive industry: a winder with accumulators that does not stop during substrate recharging.

Meler has a long trajectory in the automotive industry as a specialist in the application of adhesives in the vehicle interior. Adhesives have allowed for shorter production cycles and have helped lighten the vehicle’s weight, making Meler the Business Flow Partner of the automotive sector.
Our special projects division, Meler Engineering, has developed a new technology that was born from the need to achieve shorter production cycles: a winder which runs continuously and which will maximise productivity for the customer.

Non-stop production

The new winder by Meler has two accumulators which hold approximately 20 metres of spare material. When the working coil finishes its production, the system automatically activates and the lamination procedure does not stop, regardless of the coil change.

Product Design by Meler

At Meler we create while never losing sight of what the customer wants. That’s why all our systems offer total accessibility, Easyclean technology and the maximum energy efficiency available on the market.

Meler’s winder with accumulators maximises the production capacity of laminating lines in the automotive sector, guaranteeing a product worthy of the best automobile.

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