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New series of Micron gear melters

Meler has the widest range of gear melters on the market in order to adapt to numerous industrial processes. All of the equipment is based on “Micron Technology” and shares one common goal, reducing electrical energy consumption to a minimum.

Micron hotmelt equipment is configurable for one or two single or dual gear pumps, with different flow rates and tanks measuring 5, 10, 20 and 35 litres.

Continuous adhesive flow

The high melting rate significantly increases the performance of the melters and the pumping rate ensures a continuous adhesive flow.

The loss of adhesive load in the pump is insignificant, as the channels are large and straight. This makes cleaning easier, facilitates working with high viscosity adhesives and reduces wear on the motor-pump assembly.


Safe, simple equipment

At Meler, we know how difficult it is for workers to operate the infinite number of machines on the market. We are therefore keen to make their job easier by designing equipment that is very simple to use, with all models in the range working in the same way. This then leads to savings in operating costs, maintenance and energy.

All of our products are designed to ensure maximum safety for the worker, which is why the casings always remain cool. They also have a by-pass valve that limits the maximum pressure in the system, particularly during continuous pumping with the application guns closed.


Advantages of Micron Technology

Equipment made using Micron Technology is specially designed to use as little power as possible. We are very aware of the need to look after the environment and are strong supporters of sustainable economic development.


–       The highest energy efficiency on the market

–       With its functional and modern design, our equipment is harmoniously integrated into any type of installation or machine

–       60% energy saving with Micron piston equipment compared to other equipment on the market

–       All of the components in Micron equipment are heated in a compact block to make maximum use of the electrical energy

–       Components that are heated are fully insulated to prevent heat loss to the exterior and to the remaining components of the equipment

–       Cool Touch external casings to prevent accidents for workers

–       Uniform temperature distribution

–       Cost and maintenance savings

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