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Melt On Demand with the connectivity of Micron +

Meler adapts Micron MOD to 4.0 Industry thanks to Micron + technology

The Meler Micron MOD series, available both piston pump and gear pump,  is specially designed to preserve the adhesive in medium-low consumption applications. The main feature of this series is the “Melt on Demand” system that melts the adhesive only when it is needed, thus eliminating charring problems and significantly reducing power consumption.

Their main advantages are:

  • Melt-on-demandIt only melts the product you need when you need it. This means that the adhesive is always kept in perfect condition and its consumption is reduced.
  • Adhesive careThe automatic adhesive loading system supplies adhesive to the equipment depending on the needs of the application, so only the adhesive to be consumed is melted.
  • Energy efficiencyIt makes maximum use of electrical energy thanks to its Micron technology. You only consume what you need, which means cost savings. Energy loss has been minimized, thanks to its insulation.

Instant melt on demand with all the advantages of Micron+

Now Meler adds its electronic platform to create Micron+ MOD. An important advance for the sector, because it adapts the Melt-On-Demand system to 4.0 Industry with:

  • Multiple connectivity options and easy integration with the main machine
  • Data monitoring
  • Advanced usability thanks to its 7” touchscreen
  • All Micron+ optional systems

Meler’s extensive and wide range of products, and its expertise in application engineering, means that it can resolve any problems and meet any requirements relating to gluing and sealing with a notable reduction in terms of costs.

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