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MICRON+Drum: cutting-edge technology for applying reactive and non-reactive hot melt adhesives

MICRON by Meler offers the features you need, and together with the plus platform, it offers the technological leap your company’s production processes are looking for.

Presenting MICRON+Drum; the powerful drum melter for Industry 4.0, which combines all the technical reliability, productivity and efficiency of its predecessor. A melt-on-demand melter designed for working with reactive and non-reactive adhesives that is set to become the most competitive range on the market.

The result? It includes all the elements that make both models -MICRON+Drum 20 y MICRON+Drum200- the ideal solution for hot melting in 20 and 200 litre blocks.

Control and communication like never before

Ongoing research by different Meler departments is focused on the main advantage of integrating a new card that provides an extra 6 electrical outputs which, together with the standard outputs, add up to a total of 10. A requirement that provides a significant competitive edge for everyday functions.

The new implementations, revolving around improving connectivity, provide an unprecedented user experience by including new control and communication elements. An addition that improves and facilitates how the most important parameters are read and written.

Gluing Tech with Micron+Drum

A new electronic interface that not only facilitates connectivity and remote equipment control, but also enables real tandem work. MICRON+Drum is clearly a safe market bet, here to replace its predecessors while preserving their essence, but with MICRON+ technology.


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