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Meler’s range of hoses is growing, so you’ll be sure to find one that suits your needs

To apply adhesive, we need various pieces of equipment, the main one being a melter, whose job is to melt the product to be applied. Each and every step is extremely important, which is why it is crucial that the hoses, the job of which is to transport the adhesive from the melter to the applicator, be of top quality and maintain the appropriate temperature throughout the process.

Meler’s products are the result of extensive experience and expertise across various sectors. That is why we are able to continuously adapt to the needs of our customers.

An example of this is our range of heated hoses which, up until now, offered standard and anti-moisture models, but now also includes narrow outer diameter (30 mm) models, ideal for areas where space is an issue, as well as reinforced mesh hoses, designed for more aggressive environments where extra protection is a must.

All our hoses offer various temperature sensor options, namely the Pt100, NTC and Ni120, and come in lengths ranging from 0.6 to 14 metres (depending on the inner diameter).

Thanks to our meticulous manufacturing process, all Focke Meler hoses are energy-efficient due to their outstanding insulation capacity, as well as being flawlessly reliable and robust.

To learn more about our products, please visit our website, where you will find our technical data sheets.

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