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Meler Trolley: health and safety working with adhesive application systems

Focke Meler presents a trolley that improves ergonomics and health at work for users operating manual gluing systems.

Manual adhesive application systems are used in many industries. Their versatility makes them essential for carrying out processes such as closing boxes at the end of the packaging line, carrying out repairs, in the textile industry, in palletizing tasks, etc.

Difficulties in work with hot melt systems

The most common difficulties encountered by operators working with these systems are:

  • Risk of burns
  • Repetitive movements that require precision
  • Inappropriate postures caused by the weight of the tools
  • Fatigue and exertion

Meler has focused its attention on the User so as to understand their needs during the hot melt application process, launching an accessory designed to minimise all these risks: a trolley that guarantees ergonomics and health at work.

Design focused on the user and industrial ergonomics

Firstly, an ergonomic study was conducted that looked at areas for improvement/requirements that were later passed on to the product design team. This team included a series of systems in its design that reduce effort and balance the weight of the applicator. In this way they have managed to reduce both sudden movements and muscular injuries. The result is greater efficiency in day-to-day work.

Furthermore, this mobile trolley gives the gluing station the flexibility to move around the entire production space, optimising resources within a single manufacturing plant.

Meler, your #gluingsolutions partner manufactures robust, high-quality, complete solutions for industrial environments that have the sole objective of keeping your business flowing. 

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