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We return to the Titan Desert with ASPACE Navarra

The Focke Meler bikers relive their experience in the TITAN DESERT as advisers to the team of athletes with disabilities of ASPACE Navarra  that will participate in 2021’s next BTT competition from 10 to 15 October.

Focke Meler committed to inclusive sport

The aim is to finish the race as well as enjoying it.

(Iñaki Marsal, Sergio López y Carlos Izquieta, April 2018)

That’s how our colleagues thought when they were about to embark on the great sporting adventure that the Titan Desert represents. Today, three years later, they relive their experience with the ASPACE Navarra team, which has been sponsored by several companies in the region, including Focke Meler, with the aim of promoting the inclusion of this social group in sports competitions with maximum physical demand.

Athletes with and without disabilities: the same challenge

Both teams have met on several occasions to exchange experiences with each other:
“Having experienced the race first hand is useful in order to be able to understand the more specific questions of basic logistics,” says Carlos Izquieta, from the Focke Meler team. “The most technical equipment and provisions are each participant’s responsibility and it is vitally important to avoid dehydration, the greatest enemy during the entire event.

Iñaki Hernández, with a disability related to cerebral palsy, will share a tandem with two guides who will take turns at each stage. Sergio Colás, with a hearing disability, rides with them on his own, being supported by the rest of the team in all communication difficulties that may arise during the route.

The race: 6 days of mountains and dunes

This race, one of the toughest MTB events in the world, involves crossing the Atlas Mountains as well as the Sahara desert to complete a total of 600 kms. A route that they will get to know the night before each stage and that includes a Marathon stage in which they will not receive any assistance at the arrival camp.

Despite the harsh conditions that await them, the ASPACE Navarra team has chosen this race due to its perfect organisation and for the values it promotes: teamwork, personal improvement and adventure.

Bikes for everyone

Training is nearing its end and, to give the last push in this final stretch, the team has scheduled an outing with family and friends to the Lekaroz hostel.
It’s obvious that ASPACE Navarra likes pedalling. Carrying out this sporting activity provides many benefits to people with cerebral palsy at all stages; the physical, psychological and emotional stages. That is why, for some while now, they have been promoting the RETO ASPACE to get bikes for everyone. .


At Meler, we are very proud that our logo appears on the ASPACE bikers’ jersey and we’ll be waiting for you at the finish line to celebrate together. Good luck champions!

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