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Meler held its most international Challenge on La Concha beach in San Sebastián

Last Saturday, June 8, Focke Meler held the 13th edition of the Challenge, the annual sporting event most highly anticipated by all of its workers and that draws more participants each year.


Once again this year Focke Meler came together to share one of its greatest passions—sport—as a team, specifically to enjoy a day of cycling, something that many of its workers have in their blood. Decked out in their jerseys every afternoon, it was common to see them training together with the aim to finish the challenge, and of course, have fun.

The excitement around this day is becoming contagious, and every year more colleagues from other countries decide to give it a try, drawn in by the good atmosphere and teamwork. It was a long day of effort, team spirit and laughs while enjoying the green landscapes along the route from Pamplona to San Sebastián. The race started in Orkoien, at the Meler headquarters, and ended on La Concha beach in San Sebastián, with a good lunch and ocean views. A 116 km route that goes over two mountain passes: the Alto de Orokieta and the Puerto Ezkurra in Santesteban.


The Challenge has become Meler’s badge of honour and gains importance and momentum year after year. From “The Witches Route” in 2018 to the lush route from the mountains to the sea in 2019…What will be the next stop?

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