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Meler expands and improves its range of heated hoses

Meler has expanded and improved its range of heated hoses, making them more flexible, robust and durable, helping to reduce maintenance costs.

The special moisture-resistant hoses (IP66/67), mainly designed for labelling equipment, are undoubtedly the main innovation. With inside diameters of 8 mm, they come in a large variety of lengths, up to 7.2 m.

All of Meler’s hoses operate safely and are available with temperature sensors: Pt100, Ni120 and NTC. They can withstand the most aggressive adhesives and have a high degree of temperature homogeneity throughout their length, with no hot spots or degradation of the adhesive.

The use of highest-quality materials and the meticulous manufacturing process increase the service life of the hoses, giving them flexibility and offering the user external protection against abrasion.

There is a wide variety of accessories, such as hydraulic connectors, mini-filters, thermal insulation elements for connections, electrical connection extension cords and fixing supports.