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How can productivity be improved in the assembly industry?

Molygran, experts in polystyrene conversion, explain how productivity has benefitted from Meler’s new hot-melt equipment.

Meler has decades of experience as an adhesive solutions supplier for the assembly sector, providing machinery adapted to the needs of each client and each manufacturing process. The footwear industry or the cosmetics and electronics sectors use adhesive application systems as an essential part of their production processes.

Molygran’s tale of success: a relationship built on trust

Molygran’s customised solutions

Molygran is a company that’s specialised in producing polystyrene packaging products. They use big pieces of material that they cut to size and assemble manually to create customised solutions. Bonding speed and consistency are key to this process, but there is also another essential variable for Molygran: flexibility. Each order is unique, and the production processes must adapt to this customisation.

Hot-melt equipment for improving productivity

With this guiding principle in mind, Meler suggested renovating the hot-melt adhesive application equipment to include a faster melter and a very versatile applicator, capable of dispensing the adhesive into the shape of a bead or swirl.

In the words of Keith Fairhurst, Molygran Managing Director: “The new system works very well, we could acquire two or three new machines like this very soon if it boosts our productivity.”

Stephen Highton, Meler Sales Director for UK & Ireland, proudly talks about this partnership with Molygran in the following video.


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