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Meler application systems in the automotive industry

The automotive sector has seen exponential development in recent years. Thanks to the increasing demand for vehicles, which has generated this development, this market has become one of those with the biggest growth potential and is increasingly demanding in terms of quality.


Focke Meler offers optimum solutions for the coating and adhesive bonding of various parts of vehicles. Processes such as the gluing of roofs, interior carpets, seats, bodywork, thermal and acoustic insulation sometimes require the use of specific adhesives, such as those with a reactive polyamide or polyurethane base, which provide superior quality and durability.


To carry out these processes, Focke Meler has a wide range of easy-to-use melters with minimum energy consumption. The range of coating rollers and the EWS winding-unwinding machine are both able to adapt to specific customer needs.


Another of the multiple applications provided by Focke Meler in this sector is that of the dashboard trim assembly. This application consists of a pair of drum unloaders, which provide careful melting of both reactive and non-reactive hot-melt adhesives supplied in drums of different capacities, a set of heated hoses, a heated distributor and Meler applicators with high durability and precision modules. This system is ideal for intermittent or continuous applications and for situations in which customers cannot stop the line because of production demands.


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