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Integrated StarBI: controlling the hot-melt adhesive application from the Micron+ melter

Meler’s technical team in Catalonia has improved the hot-melt adhesive application equipment by integrating the StarBI pattern controller into the actual melter. The result is a compact and precise system that offers total ergonomics to the operator.

The adhesive application machine park remains mainly mechanical in many industrial sectors. Some systems do not require any automation, but others require minimal synchronisation to improve the application of hot-melt or cold adhesives.

StarBI: a tool for automating mechanical machines

The StarBI by Meler has been devised to give these systems precise control of the application process. The controller offers up to six channels to programme six applicators and permits the programming by time and distance at speeds of less than 1ms.
In this video Joan Martínez, Commercial Representative in Catalonia explains the benefits of integrating the pattern controller in the Micron+ melter in a customer’s plant in the packaging sector.

“This equipment features four micro-precision applicators that are controlled from the melter’s touchscreen (…) the Anton assembly has enabled everything to be integrated into the machine, and it’s a lot more compact too.”

A compact system for precise control of the hot-melt application

The production advantages for the customer are the following:

  • Compact system for precise control of the hot-melt application
  • Integration of an automation tool in the same space
  • Greater independence for the user for setting dosage
  • Greater ergonomics by having a 100% touchscreen control system

The Meler technical team, your Business Flow partner, offers expert solutions to optimise any hot-melt installation based on a prior study of each customers’ needs. This installation is an example. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to boost the control of your production line.

You can refer to all the information on the benefits of integrating StarBI in your Micron+

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