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Innovation builds the future

Today we are talking to Gorka Agos Esparza, Control, Electronics, and Software Manager in the R&D Area at Focke Meler. Gorka graduated in Telecommunications Technical Engineering, majoring in Electronic Systems, and holds a Post-graduate Degree in Advanced Project Management.


Innovation at Meler

What kind of R&D projects does Meler take on?

At Meler, we have a purely customer-oriented focus and pay particular attention to customer enquiries either through our commercial network or TAS, providing new solutions and designs.

The same thing happens with our new software as happens with the apps on current devices. For instance, when we design a new feature for a particular customer, the rest of our customers have the opportunity to use it, so the product is constantly improving.

How is Meler positioned for Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 promotes greater man-machine cooperation. We have recently completed some projects, scheduled to appear this month, which already include connectivity and usability improvements, so we are squarely positioned.

Also, there are more projects underway for launching next year that will increase our participation in this field. Industry 4.0 is a long-distance race.

“Industry 4.0 is a long-distance race”


The launching of new equipment: PC StarBI and Micron+

Which products do you have in store and what do they offer the market?

PCStarBI and Micron+ will be launched in April 2019. Both involve usability redesign, with a much more modern interface improving man-machine interaction.

The 7” touchscreen displays a larger amount of information at a glance and enhances usability. We have also incorporated two industrial protocols, Modbus and Profibus, which enable our equipment to be remote-controlled.

There are many other new advantages, such as a free app for WINDOWS that allows software updates, data backups, functionality configuration, sequential heating programs, etc.

“We improve the usability of our products”

The development of the sector and Meler’s role

Where do you think our industrial sector is heading and what is Meler’s role?

We are now living a very interesting moment that is forcing us to think of ways to approach the Internet of Things, sensorisation, visualisation, Big Data…

We at Meler are fully aware that this revolution is about to introduce a radical change in the industry and we are taking an active approach.

The most significant changes within the adhesives industry are being driven by demanding sectors such as the car industry. It is no longer sufficient to dispense the adhesive at an exact temperature on a particular area; customers need to know the amount dispensed, and the length and width of the bead.

This drives us to undertake new innovation projects that will result in technically improved products. We, at Meler, are known for being close to our customers and ready to adapt to their needs; we design customized solutions. Our customers feel identified with the finished product and this is how we move the sector forward.

“We move the sector forward”

¿What do you like most about your job? Tell us about your next challenges.

There is an amazing working environment at Meler; all of us are able to contribute great ideas. This is an extensive market with plenty of project opportunities, which I find exciting because there is always new ground to explore. The hardest part is deciding which project to start with! Right now I am completely immersed in several usability projects and interfaces for different types of equipment.

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