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Industries becoming greener

Focke Meler participates in an innovative engeneering packaging project aimed to replace plastics wrapping with paper with high quality results.

This challenging times have not been an obstacle to this new engineering project. Mailroom Machines Ltd, the leading partner for this project, is a company specialized in manufacturing machines for mail & printing sectors. Having in mind the new ecologic evolution of our society, MML stood up for greener packaging solutions.

Focke Meler’s installation composed of: a Micron +, a STARBI controller, one  MU applicator and two hoses becomes a key element in this new greener machine. It will apply hot melt adhesive with accuracy and repeatability to deliver a more environmentally friendly packaging.

This video represents a great success of a multidisciplinary technical team. Paul Jones and his team together with Focke Meler UK made it possible, congratulations!

Take a look at the result!

For transverse seal we have used our CRCN coating applicator linked here for further details and for confirmation of we used for the longitudinal seal, it is our MSU.

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