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In Focke Meler, talent is the best application of adhesive

In Focke Meler we like talent: it is the adhesive that binds our company, unites people and links knowledge, innovation and the development of new products.

That is why at Focke Meler we design formulas to attract talent to our company through trained professionals, committed to bringing new knowledge and moving forward together.


Focke Meler is made up of a large team of 100 people, with an average age of 41 years old. Only in the last year, the workforce has grown by 20 workers in quality jobs.

en-focke-meler-el-talento-es-el-mejor-adhesivo_enIn addition, the Focke Meler workforce grows each year with the hiring of interns through the Santander Bank Foundation and an agreement with the Public University of Navarre. All this with the positive sign that all interns who have been part of our team have been offered the possibility of being hired, with most of them continuing in the company.


At Focke Meler we also foster relationships with different technology centres and external institutions whom we consider partners. Our goal: to create common know-how that is capable of making the industry progress and developing the services we offer to society.

We regularly collaborate with the University of Navarre, with the Multidisciplinary Centre of Technologies for the Industry (CEMITEC) and the National Centre for Human Education (CENIEH).

For example, with CEMITEC we developed a project for the “Analysis of materials and simulations of dynamic fluid” and CENIEH lends us its support by granting us use of its machinery and facilities to carry out our own studies.


Attracting talent and generating knowledge is not the only way to stay up-to-date and anticipate the future: it is also a responsibility. As a company, Focke Meler fulfils its commitment to provide society with the best of its talent and assume the challenge of investing in the development of new solutions that help to make our life easier, simpler and more respectful of the environment. And to achieve this, promoting the merger of industrial and economic knowledge is key to advancing.

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