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Meler high-speed dot application

Need to control rising adhesive costs? Hs Series applicators delivers superior seals using up to 50% less glue.
Reducing adhesive consumption is a key factor in making organizations more competitive on the market. Focke Meler is aware of that, that is the reason that inspired our HS Series Microprecision applicator.

Developping cutting-edge applicator for our clients’ high-speed machines

The evolution of every industry relies on reducing adhesives costs, increasing productivity and process optimization. Those are our clients’s goals and their goals become our requirements and we have therefore put everything into achieving it. All of our equipment, ranging from melters to hoses and application guns, has been carefully designed to reduce glue consumption and prevent heat loss. This can be seen in the HS Series Microprecision applicator with “Cool Touch” insulated casings and pneumatic tubes that guarantee unmatched accuracy and consistency.

The HS Series is a range of cutting-edge applicators for high-speed machines, with a module designed to match the features of the electrovalve. The results are precise bead applications (dots or lines).

Designed for quick installation

Their reduced and elegant design enables many integration options and simplifies installation in narrow spaces. It could be easily installed in your current systems. The maintenance of these applicators is very simple, the filter is integrated into the applicator to prevent the nozzle from becoming blocked and it is very easy to change, with no need to remove the hydraulic connection of the applicator hose.
Their reduced activation response time, the high repeatability of the response time during their service life and their high cycle capacity (long average service life) make them ideal for applications as demanding as packaging or graphic arts.
Their robust construction as well as their reliability make them suitable for a wide range of production environments. A large variety of nozzles is available to adapt to each adhesive application pattern.

If your business requires adaptability, quality and high performance, feel free to download the HS Series Microprecision applicator catalogue and get I touch with our team to get more information:

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