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Design Thinking methodology for designing the new office

Design Thinking is a working methodology that came into force in 2008 following a publication by Tim Brown (CEO of IDEO) in the Harvard Business Review, although many experts highlight that the basics of this methodology started to be implemented in 1919.

In any case, Design Thinking is a strategic model for resolving problems, placing emphasis on people and trying to cover all the existing possibilities for achieving the best solution. Intuition is left to one side, and through different stages it tries to use human ability to obtain a quality result.

Therefore, Design Thinking is applicable to any process in a company or business, and at Focke Meler we are committed to this methodology for designing the spaces in our new office. The objective is to create spaces that are suited to the needs of all people at Focke Meler.

This methodology is divided into four stages:

  • Understanding the problem to be resolved and our employees, working from a basis of empathy.
  • Properly defining the problem to be resolved (with all the prior information).
  • Designing and working on a range of ideas.
  • Making prototypes and real tests.

One of the advantages of implementing this methodology is that it enables us to achieve the objective without any major unforeseen circumstances, while also having the ability to react to minimise any subsequent effects. Before implementing the definitive solution, we will have thought of, defined and tested with our permanent staff, so the final result will have a better chance of meeting most employees’ expectations.

Therefore, we will create the new office spaces following this model: placing ourselves in all our employees’ shoes, trying to implement spaces that develop and meet the occupational requirements of everyone. We will also bear in mind the workflow and efficiency of all the rooms to save energy and resources (as we have already done in the construction of the new office).

At Focke Meler, we will try to provide spaces that meet the requirements of all our employees, with collaborative, comfortable and relaxing spaces.

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