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Innovating together with our customers to keep growing

Focke Meler has equipped its new corporate headquarters with a test room that allows us to study, reproduce and analyse with precision the specific adhesive application conditions of our clients.

Industry is synonymous with innovation. Its evolution is based on the constant search for new systems that improve productivity. But any change requires real tests and trials to be carried out beforehand. One of Focke Meler’s trademarks is its capacity to carry out personalised projects and to develop new adhesive and sealant application systems that are perfectly adapted to the needs of its clients.

For that reason, we have built a collaborative work space where Meler’s and the client’s technical teams can work together to develop technical evaluations, in many occasions, with the real product.

Customisation workflow

Advantages associated with this working environment

  • Optimisation in prototype development: This working method allows companies to pool knowledge, create synergies and develop innovative products without incurring the high costs that would be generated in a real working environment. 
  • Customisation with all the guarantees: Choosing a supplier with the capacity to carry out real tests is synonymous with guarantee. Firstly, because it allows a solution to be certified before it is integrated into the line of work, but, above all, because this solution has been developed to a greater or lesser extent with the direct intervention of the customer’s technical team. 
  • Project viability study: this space allows previous studies to be carried out in a laboratory environment in which failure is permitted as it is a key element in the development of new technology. Conclusions of great scientific interest can also be drawn from the “unsuccessful” projects. 

Our client test room

In Focke Meler’s test room, all types of foaming, dosing, pressure tests and tests with new materials can be carried out simulating, to the extent possible, the working conditions of production lines in sectors such as the automotive, packaging or product assembly sectors.

Two special projects are currently being worked on simultaneously: the assembly of a touch screen for a new range of vehicles and the sealing of an automatic motor for closing doors.

Application of glass assembly adhesive for the white industry sector.
Installation consisting of: Yaskawa robot, SDA applicator + PS20NS+ fuser

Thanks to this work, all the customised equipment developed by Focke Meler is the result of the verification, study and testing of the technological parameters of our clients’ products.

Our test room is in full operation and waiting for your project to arrive. Test it with the help of our technical team!

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